Inquera’s comprehensive Factory suite of software has provided significant ROI to numerous corporations by reducing supply chain spend as well as procurement and stock handling costs. We work with multi-national customers in the manufacturing, distribution, defense and security sectors. Click here to read about our recent project with Novation.

Inquera’s Factory is a high-performance tool which refines and consolidates large quantities of product data from diverse sources, structures and languages. It was designed to efficiently cope with large quantities of unstructured defective data and does so without interfering with an organization's daily activities. Factory collects and preserves the organization's knowledge and reuses it automatically to refine and consolidate.

Inquera has codified its vast experience into unique Artificial Intelligence tools and knowledge capsules. Our knowledge components consist of taxonomy, lexicons, examples, patterns and templates. Factory has evolved through the design of various taxonomies and the handling of millions of products. It is best used by multinational corporations with subject domain expertise in content and cataloguing.

Our products can be searched and compared, in any language, sorted either by technical attributes or functionality. Our data is complete, consistent, errorless, unambiguous, clear and usable.

Read about our work with Novation

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