As a procurement manager, you balance between the need to supply quality parts and materials on time, while at the same time meeting cost requirements. These are two contradicting objectives.

You probably find that it’s easier to purchase direct materials, those which are part of the Bill of Materials, because they don’t vary much and are usually well defined. You probably already have good contracts for those.

However, indirect products can be a real headache. Indirect parts and materials, also known as MRO, tend to be low cost, high volume materials which constitute a major portion of your catalog. Their descriptions are often imperfect: incomplete, erroneous, inaccurate, inconsistent, non-conforming, unclear and redundant. Research shows that almost 30% of MRO materials in an average organization are either duplicates or just plain useless. This makes them an excellent target for savings and cost reduction.

Parts and materials are often classified incorrectly with meaningless descriptions, requiring a wide array of subject domain experts to figure them out. This is where Inquera comes in. We will provide you with viability to your procured parts and materials, helping you find the right part by using its technical attributes in order to consolidate duplicates and to locate alternatives parts. We can also point out the categories which have the highest saving potential: categories with too many

suppliers, too many small Purchase Orders, too many SKUs and significant price differences.
We are able to do this in any language. Our technology can "understand" materials’ technical attributes and make sense of defective, meaningless descriptions.

Inquera's Optimizer is a unique web service which automatically classifies your part descriptions, identifies technical values within these descriptions and extracts them to the relevant technical attributes. It then identifies similar parts - candidates for consolidation - and generates normalized descriptions.

Inquera's Analyzer analyzes your Purchase Orders and inventory transactions, to provide you with a profound understanding of your spending so that you can focus on categories with the highest savings potential. This will lead you to reduce the number of your suppliers and improve your procurement contracts.

We offer a unique web-service: load your product data via this website - free of cost, zero commitment. We will cleanse it and demonstrate results alongside your savings potential. You then decide whether to buy it or not. We hope you do. It's a low-cost, risk-free model. Why not give it a try?

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